Manage Remote Teams and Productivity During COVID-19

Author: James
March 28, 2020
Manage Remote Teams and Productivity During COVID-19


With more than  471,862 cases around the globe, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has a devastating impact not only on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people but also on the global economy.

The government aiming to contain and mitigate the disease has initiated the largest Coronavirus lockdown in the country. This has affected the way businesses work and communicate pan India. 

Being a socially committed organization, Toobler has also propelled towards a remote work policy for its varied teams and employees. 

How did we successfully implement a remote work policy within 1 week?

An effective remote culture upholds transparency, collaboration and visibility. With a strong DevOps foundation in place, our in-house teams had a smooth transition to working remotely. 


DevOps paved the way to a smoother transition

The DevOps adoption instilled a culture of trust and transparency in our organization fostering cross-functional communication and workflows. Devoid of physical proximity, the DevOps culture ensured the team’s commitment to open discussions while significantly decreasing the challenges of siloed workflows.


Using online tools to stay connected


Virtual meetings and video conferencing

Tools like Google Meet help our team members stay connected. Different tools are used to enable real-time chats, screen-sharing, presentation streaming, etc. This ensures that the communication lines are open between different team members and even clients. Besides, it allows free flow of ideas, helps individual team members keep track of new updates, unifies the team into a working unit that is more efficient than team members working in silos.


File sharing and synchronization

With remote working, file sharing becomes a necessity. Luckily, tools like Dropbox, OneDrive,  and cloud solutions like S3 , cloudfront not only makes sharing files easier but also provides the team with access controls, audit trails, search filters improving team collaboration, workflow management and efficiency.


Online video editor

An online video editor plays a huge role in streamlining video projects and keeping remote teams connected. Because it is accessible by all team members via the web, collaboration becomes a quicker and simpler process—no matter where each one is located in the world. It allows collaborators to create and edit videos together without the hassle of sending and sharing files through email or chat platforms.


How Devops Helps Us to Manage Projects and Keep Releases Uninterrupted?

DevOps has helped our remote workforce considerably when it comes to project management and ensuring that the scheduled releases are interrupted. Let us explore how!


Communication and Real-Time Visibility  

Breaking silos, DevOps ensures seamless communication at every stage of development even though the team members are working remotely. DevOps powered Continuous integration provides the teams with real-time information creating all the difference between project clarity and chaos. With all the teams being on the same page, it becomes easy to view and receive crucial projects updates.Thus, making the entire process of project management easy and hassle-free.


DevOps-Release faster and automate more

Pushing software out of the door faster while meeting  customer expectations is no easy feat especially in a situation of crisis when your workforce is working remotely. This is where DevOps comes into the picture. It harnesses the power of iterative development, continuous feedback, automated testing,continuous delivery and quality improvement to ensure faster and timely software delivery that meets quality standards and customer requirements.  

Thus, enabling our team to meet deadlines and deliver quality products and solutions no matter what. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Productive!